​At Mango Medical, you will experience... 
compassionate, thorough, unhurried, easily accessible, up-to-date medical care.
  Every time you step in our office, call, or email we hope you’ll find it as refreshing as a bite of a fresh-picked Hawaiian mango.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Well, you may have heard of the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and science is confirming the truth of this statement more and more.  The little tropical Hawaiian mango, like the apple, is packed with nutraceuticals and probably even more health benefits [Click here to read more about this research].

What's with the name "Mango Medical"?

Our Mission

​Finally, we subscribe to the “think globally, act locally philosophy” and realize that we live in a land of plenty.  Although we feel primary care is not valued as much as it should be in the current American healthcare system, places such as Africa and other global locations have far less services than here.  This is why we are dedicating a significant proportion of all revenues from Mango Medical to support primary care and HIV services in less fortunate locations such as the New Hope Orphanage and Aids Care Training & Support clinic in Manzini, Swaziland.

[Click here to read more about our Mango Foundation]

We chose to name our practice Mango Medical because in addition to being a full-service primary care medical office that happily sees your colds, aches and pains, bruises, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and lists of other ailments we want to keep you healthy and well even more.  We’ll show you how eating more mangoes, apples, exercise, laughing more and other simple measures can all keep you healthy and perhaps even prevent some of those ailments listed.