Career- Providers

Ever dreamed of having the autonomy to practice primary care medicine how you want, work a little more or less and be rewarded for it, and live in a magical place like Hawaii and have enough free time to enjoy it?

Mango Medical was created in 2011 by Dr. Timothy Duerler and Amy Duerler APRN with this premise in mind.  Mango Medical has been providing comprehensive primary care services on the island of Hawaii and since 2012 to the island of Maui.  Mango Medical works a little different than most primary care offices, we have longer visit times with patients (minimum 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes for new or complicated cases) and utilize technology to its fullest to deliver high quality and efficient care.  In addition, we focus and have time to address lifestyle medicine and preventative medicine with the patient prior to or to help reverse those chronic conditions.  And since our providers are not running the “treadmill of more and more patients each day” they get their work done at the office by 5:00pm (ready for pau hana in Hawaii), knowing they’ve taken the best care of their patients and can enjoy time with their family, go surfing, or just enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian beaches year round because the weather is always perfect in Hawaii.  

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