Nutrition Programs and Links

We believe nutrition is the under-appreciated cornerstone to a healthy life.  From its inception this is a core focus of Mango Medical.  This is partly due to Dr. Duerler's initial desires to become a chef, to obtaining a degree in nutrition and then incorporating that into his medical practice.  We are committed to helping you live a healthier life through simple nutritional principles.

The Cornerstone of Health

Rather than embracing the latest dietary fad we focus on the following sound nutritional principles:

  • healthy eating behaviors with wholesome, unprocessed fruits & vegetables and other food choices​
  • emphasizing good sleep
  • taking care of your mental health
  • regular, aerobic exercise

We also realize it is one thing to know the right things to eat and do, but infinitely harder 
to consistently maintain these healthy behaviors.  That is why we have close partnerships 
with health coaches, nutritionists, dieticians, diabetes educators, innovative online modern 
wellness programs, and other practitioners to help you accomplish your healthful goals.