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If you drive or would like to begin driving a commercial motor vehicle in the United States, you need to become qualified via a Department of Transportation (DOT) or Commercial Driver License (CDL) physical exam. To complete your DOT/CDL physical in a timely manner, book with Joshua Lessard-Chaudoin, APRN, at Mango Medical in Kamuela, Hawaii. The practice offers same-day appointments so you can get your physical done when it’s convenient for you. To learn about the cost of certification, or simply to schedule an appointment, call Mango Medical or use the online booking tool today.

DOT & CDL Physicals Q & A

What is a DOT/CDL physical?

A DOT/CDL, or Department of Transportation/Commercial Driver License, physical exam, is an exam during which Mango Medical’s family nurse practitioner, Joshua, decides whether or not you’re physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

DOT/CDL physicals are important; they ensure that the folks out on the road driving commercial vehicles can safely transport their goods.

Do I need a DOT/CDL physical?

You likely need a DOT/CDL physical if you:

  • Haven’t had one in two years
  • Were recently injured
  • Have developed an illness that might impair you
  • Want to qualify as a new commercial motor vehicle driver
  • Were previously reported as not physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle

If you’re not sure whether or not you need to get a DOT/CDL physical now, check with your company.

What happens during a DOT/CDL physical?

During a DOT/CDL physical at Mango Medical, your practitioner Joshua kicks things off by asking you a series of questions related to:

  • Your medical history
  • Your current medical conditions
  • Your current medications

After that, he talks to you about and examines you for signs of potential lifestyle-related risks, including:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug use
  • Obesity

Next, Joshua performs tests, including:

  • Urine analysis for medical problems like diabetes
  • A blood test to check for conditions such as high blood pressure
  • The “whisper” hearing test
  • A vision test
  • A hernia test

If your company requires it, you may have to submit to a test of your urine for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol.

To make sure you and Joshua get the most out of your appointment, it’s important that you bring a list of your medications, including their dosages, along with any hearing aids and prescription eyewear.

Generally speaking, if you pass your DOT/CDL physical, your results remain valid for up to two years. Sometimes, when you have a medical condition that requires more frequent checkups, like high blood pressure, Joshua chooses to issue a certificate that expires more quickly.

If you need a DOT/CDL physical, book an appointment at Mango Medical. The family practice offers same-day appointments so that you can get your physical done the minute you need it.

To schedule your appointment or to inquire about the cost of certification, call or use the online booking tool.